Top 5 Beauty Repurchases

I think repurchases are a pretty big deal. It says a lot. It says that you took the time to use the product all the way until it’s empty and you like it enough to spend your money on it again instead of trying something new or searching for something better. These are my top 5 beauty products that I’ve repurchased over 5 times and have used for over 5 years.

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Layover in Korea

On my way home from Vietnam, I had an 11 hour layover in Korea. Taking advantage of one of the best airports in the world, I took a shower in one of their free (and very clean) facilities, dropped off my carry on backpack in a coin locker, exchanged some USD for WON, and took the train to Seoul.
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A Week in Tokyo

I love Japan. It’s a place that I keep returning to even though I have so many other countries on my list of must sees. It’s clean, the food is outstanding, the transportation system is crazy efficient, and it’s probably the safest country on the planet. I could spend an entire year in just Tokyo alone and not be able to see all that it has to offer. It’s a city that you can never get bored in. Honestly, if you’re bored in Japan, then you’re doing it wrong.Read More »


If it isn’t already, being in Japan during cherry blossom season should be on your bucket list. It’s true that you can also see them in Washington D.C., but believe me, it’s not the same. (#funfact, those cherry blossoms were actually gifted to America by the Japanese Emperor in 1912.) I traveled 7 hours from Honolulu to Tokyo during Spring Break – the busiest, most chaotic, and most expensive time in Japan –  just to see them, and it was worth it. Trust me.

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